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Holiday Bash at VAA

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 17, 2010, 11:28 AM

Almost everyone loves the holiday season. Giving gifts, getting together, eating lots of ridiculously awesome food. The holidays are one of those perfect times every year to show loved ones how much they mean to you.

Well, this year, at Visual Arts Academy, I wanna show you how much you really mean to me with the gift of knowledge. I will be holding what I like to call "The Holiday Apophysis Bash" from the first of november all the way up to 3 days right before christmas! It's 8 lessons of pure unadulterated Apophysis knowledge and fun and you get the same perks as you would if you attended anyone of my courses. You get access to the VAA forums for my support, 8 full lessons of apophysis material, a certificate and a full set of parameters upon completion, and access to any of my params as a student.

You'll be learning all of this:
-How to download the program
-How to use the main, editor, and adjustment windows
-How to manipulate transforms
-How to run scripts
-How to save, open, copy, paste, and render parameters
-How the coloring algorithm works and how to color your work
-How to use Post Transforms
-How to make flame fractals in several popular styles including:tiles, wire and tubes, grand julians, stained glass, and more.
-Working with the Xaos tab
-Understanding Travis's "Shape and Detail Transform" philosophy
-How to download and use Plugins for more variation in your work
-Simple compositional and adjustment tips and tricks
-How to make flame fractals in several popular styles including:splits and bipolar/elliptic, lazy susan/loonie/oscilloscope gaskets and more.

And, just for the holidays, I'm teaching this Holiday course for only $40. That's $5 per lesson and it's a 20% discount from what I normally charge! The certificate and params are thrown in as my gift to you.

Worried about time this season? Well don't be! Lessons go up every week and you can do them at your leisure! You have two whole months to do any of the work you wish to do, so, your lessons won't interfere with baking that pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and gift wrapping for your favorite grandchildren in december.

Registration opens the last two weeks of OCTOBER, but why wait? Buy yourself or a loved one a gift card now and get in while it's still warm out :D It's really the perfect gift for any Apophysis user this holiday season!

Here are a few testimonials from my section of the Visual Arts page :D

Travis is a first-rate teacher and the course was excellent.  I no longer feel I am stumbling around in Apophysis. I would recommend this course to anyone.

This course was quite appropriate for it's intended audience and very enjoyable. Our instructor was also quite encouraging, friendly and knowledgeable.
- Brenda McK

This course was wonderful and I learned an incredible amount of stuff while having great fun. Who can ask for more?

I've been teaching these courses for three years now. They've been fully updated to include some of the hottest techniques and apo gadgets and they just keep getting better.

So, come join me for my Holiday Apophysis Bash and enjoy your holidays :D

Happy fractaling!
:shakeplatypus: by Helen-Baq

CSS Coded and Images by Trapiki
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qSnail Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
So, I stumbled upon this when randomly visiting #aposhack for a change, it's a loooong time since I spent time there. And your course seems like a nice nice way of getting back into the fantastic fractal world! But I'm missing links to registration and more info :( Can you point me in the right direction?
Platinus Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, here's the link to registration [link] you'll want to check the box for the apophysis bash, also, most of the information is up in the journal, not sure what else I can tell you about it ;)
qSnail Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
Hehe, thanks. Guess I'll find out what I need along the way then! ;)
silencefreedom Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
sounds like I need it...
CoffeeToffeeSquirrel Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010   General Artist
I wish I could attend some of your apo courses now, but I've limited capacity. Will there be some beginner courses in Apo in 2011? I'm totally blank when it comes to Apophysis, I've tried it, but I just don't get it.
Platinus Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Every other month!
The courses start the first of January, March, May, July, September, and November.
CoffeeToffeeSquirrel Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010   General Artist
:D Seems good. I hope I can sign up next year. :woohoo:
snow-valkyrie Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh damn, I wish I wasn't finishing my capstone class this semester.:tears:
Platinus Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's ok!
fractal2cry Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010
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September 17, 2010